10 Lovely Linens for Your Wedding

December 21, 2013 By Fort Gibraltar


Specialty linens are the perfect way to transform a room at a reasonable price. Choosing the right linen has one of the greatest impacts on your decor as your tables cover the largest surface space in the room. Nowadays the choices for linens are almost as endless as the amount of pinterest inspiration you can find for your wedding. At Fort Gibralar we offer our brides hundreds of different choices and colours in specialty linens but today we wanted to showcase ten of our most unique and gorgeous tableclothes.

Burlap tableclothes are the perfect choice for a bride planning a rustic wedding. You can also choose to mix burlap tableclothes with regular ones or lace overlays for a softer overall look at your reception.

Damask tableclothes are perfect for the dramatic and bold bride who wants her wedding decor to stand-out and have a regal feel. We always recommend using a solid linen mixed with damask linens as this pattern can be overwhelming if used on all of your tables. 

Overlays have become a very popular choice with linens and one look at this black lace overlay makes it easy to see why. The lace overlay adds a romantic and beautiful touch to your decor and when used in a contrasting colour like black it makes a dramatic statement.

We love the look of these crinkle linens. These linens are elegant but have great texture and a more playful look than satin linens. We think the texture adds a beautiful touch to a wedding reception and they come in many colours.

Rouched tableclothes add glamour, opulence and a luxurious feel to your wedding reception. Choosing a luxurious colour like gold also helps create the feeling of luxury. 

White 3D flowers make these linen incredibly unique and very versatile. This tablecloth works great for a summer wedding, DIY wedding, romantic wedding and can even work with other linens to create an elegant look and feel.

For the romantic bride there is this gorgeous floral lace overlay! We are absolutely in love with the beauty and romance of this linen and how quickly it transforms your reception and works with many decor alternatives. 

This swirl overlay is airy and can add the right special touch to your reception without overpowering the colour and decor.

This embroidered linen adds a whimsical and beautiful decor touch to any wedding reception. 

Pin tuck linens are a beautiful choice for any bride and quickly add a sense of elegance to your wedding reception. Our pin tuck linens are available in array of gorgeous colours to work with any colour palette.