5 Unconventional Must-Do's Before Your Wedding

December 22, 2013 By Bella Notte Weddings


Getting engaged means you are instantly bombarded with a massive list of to-do’s. At times it feels like the list of check-boxes will never end or get finished before the wedding day comes. 

As a wedding planner and a recent bride I know first-hand about the never-ending checklist! But as I checked off every box and tied every loose end I could think of for my own wedding there were a few things I realized we often overlook. These aren’t your typical wedding checklist items but they are the kind of things every bride should consider before embarking on one of the most emotional and beautiful days of your life.

1. Have a date night with your fiancé
With all the busyness of rehearsals, last-minute fittings and schedule finishes it’s easy to find yourself so busy you hardly see your fiancé in the last two weeks leading up to your wedding. 

2. Have a heart-to-heart talk with your best friend or sister
There are a lot of emotions, adrenaline and hormones flying before your wedding day and a great way to calm all of those emotions is to have a meaningful heart-to-heart conversation with one of your best friends or bridesmaids. 

3. Schedule some “me time”
In the middle of everything make sure you schedule a break just for yourself. Don’t just say you’re going to have a break, schedule it into your calendar and let others know not to interrupt you during this time. Even if you can only grab an hour alone, take it and use it to recharge your batteries and yourself.

4. Practice “the kiss” with your fiancé
Yep you should practice kissing your fiancé as much as you possibly can (the more, the better!) and rehearsing that big moment so it’s perfect for everyone to see.

5. Write thank-you cards to your parents attendants and any other special people
There are a lot of things you’ll want to say to your bridesmaids, family and all the people who poured into your wedding and your life in meaningful ways. Getting those out in public speeches isn’t always easy. Make sure to take the time to write thank-you cards to all of these special people before the wedding.