A Dream by SambaJoy

February 5, 2014 By SambaJoy Photo & Art


Last Summer I got lost in Winnipeg while I was riding my bike in an early morning. I left Downtown at 6am to buy homemade bread in Saint Boniface, the French area of the city. The restaurant was closed so I decided to feel the fresh air in that beautiful day.  I got inside a park and had no idea where it would take me. When I heard the train above my head was a mix of fear and excitement, then I saw a woman walking her labrador and behind her the buildings from Downtown started to show up. I was safe :)

I decided to follow the bike trail along the Red River and saw a beautiful, elegant, rustic fence, my curiosity made me get off from my bike and look what was inside: a fort! The Fort Gibraltar, this magic place where I dream to shoot a wedding ASAP.

I talked to everyone from there and have to say THANK YOU so much for Shawn and Angie for allowing us to take dreamy pictures in the cozy attic.

Evie, again, was my model and she was my very first bride model! I'm so lucky to have this gorgeous, delicate, sweet person in my life. He was with her knee fractured on the photo shoot's day! Yes, can you believe it? Dylan, her boyfriend of 5 years came with us. The simple production was made by me, Madalena. Evie wore my wedding dress from Gloria Coelho2007, headpiece from A Modista and my own boots from Sorel - the flowers are from Safeway :p

Now I need a real wedding at Fort Gibraltar <3