How to Give Wedding Speeches like a Pro

May 21, 2014 By


he dos and don’ts for your wedding speech

After years of listening to wedding speeches there are always little things we hear over and over again. Occasionally though, we are spell bound by heart felt speeches that make even the bartender tear up or stories that make the whole room chuckle without embarrassing the couple. These speeches are sweet, charismatic and memorable.
But how do you get there? 

• Introduce yourself and your relationship to the couple.
• Include humour but in good taste and not as the majority of your speech.
• It is sometimes helpful to pick a story about you and the bride/groom/couple and share.
• Less is more. Less than 5 minutes is perfect.
• Be prepared. Write your speech well before the wedding day.
• Practice! There is no need to memorize the speech but do get feedback.
• Engage with the audience. Smile, look up and don’t forget to make eye contact with the bride and groom, after all, the speech is for them.
• Finish strong. Either with words of genuine wisdom or emotional blessings. Be sincere.

• No insider jokes. Keep private matters private.
• Do not embarrass the couple, or anyone. Embarrassing stories lead to awkwardness.
• Don’t tell everyone you referenced google, or yahoo or this blog on how to write a good speech. Everyone uses this line. It is unoriginal.
• Keep gimmicks and props to a minimum if at all.
• Keep vulgarity out of your speech.
• Don’t rush through your speech. Take your time and make sure you do not speech in a monotone voice.
• Don’t make frequent visits to the bar before your speech.
• Don’t make the speech about yourself. Remember the reason everyone is gathered and why you were asked to speak.