Picking the Perfect Wedding Date

June 18, 2014 By WinnipegWedding.com


Picking the perfect wedding date


Picking a wedding date is the first and one of the most crucial steps for your planning.

Venues and venders cannot be booked until a date is set and other plans are stay on hold.

This process is unique to every couple. 

Here are some points to keep in mind when choosing a date to say “I do”.


Something Special:

Is there a specific date that means something to you both? An anniversary perhaps? You may have a significant date that is a must have.


Budget, think about the off season:

Take in to account what your budget is like. Perhaps you will benefit from choosing a date in the off season. Some wedding venues and caterings offer discounted prices or corkage fees while photographers and DJs may be able to also their own promotions and a reasonable cost. 


Weather is unpredictable! In Winnipeg, April and November are both months that tend to be the most unpredictable. July and August can see unseasonably high temperatures while December and January you may encounter a blizzard warning.



Some themes are better suited for certain seasons. If you have a theme already in mind you may want to pay attention to the season. If you like the dark red and orange colours start thinking about October. If you are envisioning wild flowers and lace you may want to pick August.  

Long weekend:

Think long and hard before committing to a long weekend date. Long weekend weddings work for some but not always for others.

May long weekend is always popular but comes with a price – Rain.

August long weekend is not a long weekend for everyone.

September Long weekend may interfere with those who own cabins.

Also, remember that some venders charge additional for long weekend dates.

However, long weekend weddings are sometimes the perfect date for those who have a number of out of town guests. 




Give yourself plenty of time!

In Winnipeg, some venues book up 2 years in advance with an average of a year ahead depending on the number of guests and time of year. It takes time to plan a wedding and you don’t want to rush yourself.


Your own schedule:

Think about what else is going on in your life. Do you have exams at university? Will you be able to take time off work for a honey moon? Think about the busy time of year in your profession and if there will be any conflict.