Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Party

December 21, 2013 By Fort Gibraltar


Choosing your wedding party isn't an easy task. Here are three tips to help you chose the right attendants for your wedding.

1. Sisters trump friends (not including family is only asking for trouble) but otherwise stick to your most loyal and oldest friends. Choose friends who have been there for you for years and years and you'll never regret having them in your wedding party. And don't forget your fiancé's sister.

2. Groomsmen can be tricky, choose brothers (from both sides) and loyal friends but also weigh in on their personality and character...a friend who's sure to blow the groomsmen speech or drink too much and make a fool of you and him at your wedding is never a good choice. 

3. You don't need to ask someone to be in your wedding party because you were in theirs. There is no requirement to fulfill the favour and sometimes life changes and wedding circumstances are different so just let it go.

Photos by It's  A Love Thing Photography