Wedding DIY or Not

May 14, 2014 By


There are a few helpful  DIY wedding websites that exist now that give the allure to those ‘do it yourself projects’ for weddings but what they don’t tell you is how tedious some of the DIY projects can be, not to mention messy! Did you get the right type of glue? Did you buy the long lasting candles or ones that will burn out after four hours? Will that stain come off of the dining room table ever?
The planning and executing can take time for these DIY projects, time you may soon realize you are quickly running out of, putting added pressure onto your already busy and stressed mind. And let’s face it; some of us just don’t have the crafting gene.
Even if you are able to finish your projects on time, wedding venues also have set up times as to when you are able to go in to do those finishing touches. If you do not have a solid support system and a team to help you put out your décor it may turn into chaos. Be sure to ask (well ahead of time) what time you are allowed to come in and set and if the wedding venue is able to help you with putting out your décor, there may be an added fee. 
Some wedding venues have rules about what décor is allowed. Be sure to ask before you start planning. Candles are often restricted as is tape and putting nails or screws into walls and surfaces.  Plan accordingly!
It is also important to remember, most venues will ask you to ensure all your items are removed by the end of the night.  Will you have someone helping you pack everything up? Who will transport it?
Some couples feel as though the extra planning and work is not worth it. If so, you can limit your DIY projects or decide to go with a decorator instead. Some facilities offer Décor services in house and these are often great places to start. The fees usually include set up and take down of items you have rented so the responsibility is not on you.
We love crafts and projects! It is so much fun to see personal items incorporated into a wedding. But sometimes it’s better to leave it up to the pros…