Wedding Meal Tasting

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The importance of a wedding tasting
Wedding food tastings play a big part in the planning process. Wedding planning can be hectic and nerve racking in its self; a tasting can ease your nerves as you build confidence in your caterer while developing a relationship.  During a wedding tasting you often have the opportunity to ask questions which will help you decide on the perfect meal for you and your fiancé to offer your wedding guests.


Ask about wedding tastings before you book
Not all venues in Winnipeg offer tastings. This should be a question you ask before booking as to not be surprised by the response. If you feel that a tasting is important to you (which we do!), keep that in mind when searching for the perfect wedding venue.  If a tasting is an option at the venue, be sure to ask if it is included as some venues do charge extra.  Also, be sure to ask when the tastings take place as some venues have designated times.

What to expect and how to prepare
You may be required to choose your own menu for the tasting to sample certain dishes. Review the menu carefully before selecting. Be sure what you are selecting will be an appropriate choice for your wedding day (if you are getting married on a hot summers day, you may not want to serve a hot soup).
Not all venues conduct their tastings the same. Some offer a quite table for two and others do group tastings. 
Often, venues are inviting both of you – the couple- to the tasting. Extra guests may equate to an extra cost. If you cannot attend a tasting, ask if someone you trust can attend in your place.
Bring a camera and take notes! This is especially important for buffet tastings or large tastings where you try many different dishes.
Make sure you write a list of questions before attending a wedding tasting.

Important questions you may want to ask
• How does the presentation compare from the tasting to the night of your event
• How do the portion sizes compare?
• If planning a buffet, ask where it will be located the day of your wedding
• Ask about ingredients! Sometimes you may try items, like a salad, and not like one ingredient, ask the flexibility of changing that ingredients or omitting it.
• Dietary restrictions are becoming more and more relevant. Ask what the caterer can do for allergies and dietary requirements such as vegetarians. Most often than not, they are able to prepare adequately as long as they are given notice. We suggest you ask for dietary requirements on your RSVP cards to avoid surprises.