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WHY Samba and Joy?




Noun - a Brazilian dance of African origin.

Verb - dance the samba.

Samba is a lively, rhythmical dance of Brazil. It's full of Joy, contagious, makes everything move and it carries union, dance, beauty and roots. 




Noun - a feeling of great pleasure and happiness

Synonyms - delight - gladness - pleasure - mirth - rejoicing


This cute little word is our favourite in English language. Joy is our philosophy and a big value that we carrie wherever we go. We will always bring it for you on our personal and professional lives.

We are a Brazilian family travelling the world and living in Winnipeg, Canada. Passion, respect and warm hearts are part of ourselves. 


Our lives are reflected by pictures, videos, stop motions, time lapses and Urban Interventionism that we produce. We love to learn about culture and art through great people and places we meet on our journeys.

You are always very welcome to write us!

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