Dustin Leader Photography

Winnipeg Wedding Photographer

I believe in capturing life as a series of events that tell a story. With the purpose of triggering memories - real physical memories lying in millions of pathways in our minds. Even if a photograph is nothing more than captured light, it remains one of the most powerful vehicles to evoke emotions, taste, smell etc. All of the senses, even more if you believe that the subconscious has its own body of senses. Wedding Photography is unique in it's ability to very quickly trigger something within us. I think about this a lot and feel incredibly lucky to have the ability to share my vision of the world.

As a Winnipeg Wedding Photographer, my photography is rooted and practiced in photojournalism & documentary photography. I graduated from Prairieview School Of Photography in 2004, my journalism work has appeared in several national and international publications as will as documentaries including: New York Time, National Geographic Travel, Globe and Mail feature focus section Le Monde Diplomatic, Vocable Espaniol, la prensa grafica to name a few. Althought I'm based in Winnipeg, I am able to travel.

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